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Perhaps you are seeking therapy for the first time or interested in starting again. I am glad you are here. Psychotherapy involves creating a safe and trusting relationship with a therapist in order to heal and address issues that cause us pain or suffering. Often people start therapy because of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting challenges and/or because we have been wounded in our relationship(s) and want support to move forward. I have found that regardless of the initial reason we enter, therapy is a valuable and worthwhile experience. We have an opportunity to understand past hurts or traumas and present-day issues. While we will explore the past, we will not stay there. We will visit it together with compassion and curiosity. Importantly, we will explore the “good stuff” and what is working well, strengths and adaptive coping strategies. We will understand all emotions and symptoms as data towards healing.

I work with young adults 18 years and older, adults, couples, and groups. I offer clinical supervision for new and established clinicians as well as supervision towards New York State licensing.


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